Psychologists that study decision making have found habits drive 95% of human behavior. Their advice to marketers? You’ll drive more revenue if you engage in strategies that rewire people’s brains in a way that plays to the power of habit in their everyday lives.

A lack of strategy addressing how habits affect preference and decision making is increasingly cited as the reason so many new product launches and brand makeovers fail; why so much branded content never gains a following; why the most researched of switching messages can still be impotent. It’s also now realized that many consumers presumed loyal to a brand are just choosing it on autopilot, giving competitors that know how to break the ‘preset’ a huge opportunity to steal share.

Are you aware of the latest findings on what can break, create and leverage habits for your brand’s advantage? How to protect the habits—some subconscious—you’re already benefiting from? How to insinuate your offering into existing habits and rituals? How to identify in people’s habits new and innovative offerings with potential for commercialization?

You can find the answers at the event referred to as “the TED of marketing conferences”: Brandworks University, now in its 24th year and famous for its deeply researched and curated curriculum. Attendees learn and network with mid- to senior-level executives from other great brands. Among those already registered are American Express, Clorox, Sony, Mondelez, QVC, CVS, Yamaha, Snap-on, Kohler, Lands’ End, Kimberly-Clark and Abbott Nutrition. Many are bringing whole teams to align behind the insights and best practices that can drive the habits most beneficial to their brand.


  • Revelations from neuropsychology and the behavioral sciences that are decoding what habituates decision making and purchasing behavior.
  • How data modeling can reveal people’s subconscious preferences; reveal messages that play to their purchasing habits.
  • How Starbucks, P&G, Target and AARP have driven purchases by finding ways to alter consumer habits.
  • How to identify in habits and rituals potential new product and service offerings.
  • How to create ‘purchasing autopilots’ at various touch points—from ads to packaging design, the store aisle to e-commerce.
  • Why content that habituates is critical for your brand’s future.
  • How to use game dynamics to habituate behaviors and drive revenue.
  • Habit-fueling strategies and tactics specific to successfully launching new products.
  • Habits of the most innovative and successful marketing leaders.
  • The habits of successful client/agency marriages correlated to creative quality and effectiveness.
  • How keystone habits can build a company culture leading to top performance.
  • Productive habits of the most innovative teams.
  • How to inspire and habituate healthier behaviors in people, including yourself.

Brandworks University is the MBA-level experience curated to guarantee the learning of what’s next and best in the launch and marketing of brands (and careers) so they live up to their full potential. Brandworks University is an invitation only event. If you’d like to see if you qualify for an invitation, write us at [email protected]

Click here to download an informational flyer about the conference.


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