Is Disruptive Innovation Marketing's Trojan Horse?

Is Disruptive Innovation Marketing’s Trojan Horse?


It’s a war out there: You and your colleagues are charged with finding ways to steal share and grow revenues. But the conventional wisdom of the last decade is not going to bring victory. Clichés like “launch an innovative product” or “come up with a viral campaign!” are easy to say. Really hard to do. And any short-term gains from them are almost impossible to sustain.

It’s why so many marketing teams and C-Suites feel like they’re in an endless war they can’t win. Well-intentioned, but with little time to comprehensively study the latest on what truly will change their odds, many executives inadvertently revert to the same old strategies, praying for different results this time.

But just like research and technology have transformed real warfare, so too have they changed marketing warfare. So if your war is in need of strategies now vetted to be best—ones likely to be game changers—there’s a 3-day conference at which you can learn them.

Through a deeply researched and professionally vetted curriculum, attendees will learn a comprehensive framework for HOW TO FIND AND COMMUNICATE DISRUPTIVE IDEAS FOR YOUR BRAND’S ADVANTAGE.


Long referred to as the TED of marketing, for 25 years the conference has been famous for the depth and quality of the learning it delivers. The 2015 event in Madison, Wisconsin will be no exception. Through a deeply researched and professionally vetted curriculum, attendees will learn a comprehensive solution framework. Leading theories, best practices and practical how-tos will be brought to life through the cases, experiences, and personal advice of a world-class faculty of 22 experts.


TEAMS: Leaders charged with growth or transformation know the only way to accomplish either is by inspiring and aligning their entire team behind the same insights, strategy and how-to. Some marketers bring as many as 5, 10, even 30 colleagues! (It’s why we offer special rates for teams of 5 or more.)

MID TO SENIOR LEVEL EXECUTIVES: Brandworks’ advanced curriculum is why more than 350 executives return year-after-year to stay relevant, improve their job performance and boost their career potential. Audience composition varies with each year’s topic, but in 2014, 24% of attendees held the position of VP, SVP, EVP, COO, President or CEO. Other regular attendees include CMO’s, Brand Managers, Product Managers, and Directors of everything from insights, to strategy, analytics, e-commerce, advertising, PR, social media, data, digital marketing, insights, integrated marketing, sales, innovation and new product development.



“Brandworks picks these topics that are right at the cutting edge. It’s much more focused than most conferences. You go deep.” Scott Cook, founder of Intuit and board member of P&G

“It is a very dynamic environment. It’s a university environment—one of learning, but also one of conversation that allows give and take. The audience was very alive and it was a pleasure, an honor, to be part of it.” John Hayes, CMO of American Express

“Brandworks University is a ‘brand experience’ on branding. It should be on the must-attend list of anyone interested in cutting-edge brand strategy and management.” Larry Light, CEO of Arcature

“Brandworks is extraordinarily different from other conferences. It integrates and interweaves all speakers together on a common theme. You walk away with a holistic body of knowledge about a specific arena as opposed to a lot of conferences which may appear to be themed but are not well-integrated.” Bob Liodice, President and CEO of the Association of National Advertisers (ANA)

“It’s always world class professional development you can’t find anywhere else.” Attendee

“This year’s solution framework is really applicable to the challenges before my team and I right now. “ Attendee


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  • World Business Forum | November 12-13, 2015 | Lincoln Center
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Attend Brandworks 2015 or be disrupted by others who do.