“Reinventing Brand Leadership”

June 13 & 14, 2001

Event Speakers – Day 1

“How to Reinvent Yourself for Branding Leadership,”
Marsha Lindsay, President and CEO of Lindsay, Stone & Briggs

“What’s So Out-of-Date About the Traditional Branding Leadership Mold?”
David Aaker, Professor Emeritus of Marketing at the Haas School of Business, University of California Berkeley, and Vice Chair of Prophet Brand Strategy

“Your Consumer’s Subconscious: How to Finally Break the Code and remold Your Brand for Future Success,”
Dr. G. Clotaire Rapaille of Archetype Discoveries Worldwide

“How to Mold a Growth and Profit Plan with Thought Leadership,”
Peter Field, author of “Eating the Big Fish”

“How to Build Your Brand with Buzz,”
Emanuel Rosen, author of “The Anatomy of Buzz”

“How to Achieve Branding Leadership by Fostering More Creative Advertising,”
Jeff Manning, Executive Director of the California Milk Processor Board

Event Speakers – Day 2

“What Branding Leaders Should Look for in the Media of the Future,”
Lee Ann Daly, Senior Vice President of Marketing, ESPN

“Brand Leadership Based on Design Leadership: Fad or Future Reality?”
Matt Wisk, Vice President of Marketing for Nokia Networks

“How to Lead Your Brand From the Inside Out,”
Mark Schmitt, Director of Internal Communications and Events, Eddie Bauer Inc.

“How to communicate so Others Will Follow,”
Toni Louw of Louw’s Management Corporation (mini-workshop)

“The New Agenda for Marketing. The New Agenga for Branding,”
John Duke, Group Director of Youth Lifestyle Marketing for Coca-Cola