“Brand Alignment The Complete How-To”

July 23 & 24, 2002

Event Speakers – Day 1

“Brand Alignment: The Complete How-To,”
Marsha Lindsay, President and CEO of Lindsay, Stone & Briggs

“A Systems Approach to Brand Alignment,”
Larry Light, President of Arcature

“Strategic Opportunities for Measuring and Building Brand Alignment,”
Sara Lipson, VP of Brand Asset Management for AT&T

Panel Discussion with morning’s speakers

“How to Organize Your Company for Alignment,”
Mary Jo Hatch, Professor at the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia

“How to Align Internal and External Customers Behind a Branded Service,”
Camilie Keith, VP of Special Marketing for Southwest Airlines

“How to Script and Stage Compelling Experiences That Align Employees and Customers,”
Joe Pine, co-author of the business best-seller “The Experience Economy: Work is Theatre & Every Business a Stage”

Event Speakers – Day 2

“How to Align Consumers Behind a Branded Product,”
Ami Miesner Anderson, President of General Mills Entertainment Division

“How to Align Your New Product Development Process to the Overall Brand Strategy,”
Jerry Perez, EVP of Marketing and Design for Fisher-Price

“Aligning Communications Behind Your Brand: How to Get Everyone on the Same Page,”
Denise Lee Yohn, VP of Segment Marketing & Brand Planning of Sony Electronics

“Aligning Your Advertising and PR Messages Behind the Brand,”
Lisa Baird, VP of Worldwide Advertising and Media for IBM

“How to Align Channel Partners for Cooperation and Mutual Success,”
MichÈle BËdard, Director of Marketing for Sub-Zero

“How to Use Alignment to Protect and Grow Your Brand Assets,”
Dexter Fedor, Senior VP of Strategic Marketing for The Walt Disney Company