“Getting Inside Your Customer’s Head How to Leverage the Latest in Branding Psychology”

June 4 & 5, 2003

Event Speakers – Day 1

“Branding Revelations That Will Make You Rethink How You Define and Leverage Your Brand,”
Marsha Lindsay, President and CEO of Lindsay, Stone & Briggs

“The Mental World of Brands,”
Wendy Gordon, partner at Acacia Avenue, London, England

“Brand as ‘Mental-Concept Platform,’”
Jan Rijkenberg, cofounder of BSUR Concepting in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“Brand as Archetype,”
Jon Howard-Spink, planning director of Mustoes, London, England

“Where to Find Your Next Branding Opportunity – The Nation’s Changing Consumer Trends,”
Laurie Wachter, senior vice president of Information Resources, Inc. (IRI)

“Where to Find the Next Branding Opportunity? At the Fringes of Society!”
Ryan Mathews, cultural futurist and coauthor of the widely acclaimed book, “The Deviant’s Advantage: How Fringe Ideas Create Mass Markets”

“The Psychology of Shopping: How and Why do Consumers Buy?”
Tom Moseman, senior vice president of Envirosell

“How and Why Consumption Drives us,”
Jim Twitchell, professor at the University of Florida

Event Speakers – Day 2

“Advertising and the Mind of the Consumer: What Works, What Doesn’t and Why,”
Dr. Max Sutherland, marketing psychologist, columnist and independent consultant practicing in the U.S. and Australia

“Think Emotionally – How to Make Neurologically Effective Advertising,”
Erik du Plessis, CEO of Millward Brown Impact, South Africa

“The Hidden Power of Advertising: How Low Involvement Processing Influences the Way We Choose Brands,”
Robert Heath, managing director of The Value Creation Company, London, England

“Getting Inside the Consumer’s Head: How Nike Does it – And Applies What it Finds,”
Mary Slayton, Nike’s director of global consumer insights and brand planning