“The Creative Imperative: How to Excel in the Age of Ideas”

June 1 & 2, 2005

Event Speakers – Day 1

“The Creative Imperative: How to Excel in the Age of Ideas,”
Marsha Lindsay, CEO of Lindsay, Stone & Briggs

“How Bigger Imaginations Drive Profitable Growth,”
Beth Comstock, GE Corporate Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

“How to Imagine a Way to Make Your Competition Irrelevant,”
Professor W. Chan Kim, Boston Consulting Group
Bruce D. Henderson Chair of Strategy and International Management at the INSEAD Business School in France

“How to Think More Creatively,”
James Adams, author of Conceptual Blockbusting

“Weird Ideas on How to Have Weird Ideas,”
Robert Sutton, Professor of Management Science and Engineering at Stanford Engineering School

“How to Make More, and Better Mistakes,”
Ralph Keyes, author of Whoever Makes the Most Mistakes Wins

Event Speakers – Day 2

“How to Make Creativity a Habit,”
Twyla Tharp, one of America’s most renowned and prolific choreographers

“How to Find the Right Plot on Which to Craft Your Brand’s Story,”
Douglas Holt, the L’Oréal Professor of Marketing at Oxford University

“How Extreme Creativity Can Differentiate and Provide Competitive Advantage,”
Chris Rossi, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Virgin Atlantic Airways

“How to Foster Creative Collaboration Among Teams,”
Patricia Ward Biederman, a prize-winning Journalist on the staff of the Los Angeles Times

“How to Run a Successful Innovation Skunk Works,”
Frank Cappuccio, Lockheed Martin’s VP of Advanced Development, and the General Manager of their Skunk Works

“How to Concept, Market and Deliver a Wow Experience,”
Mario D’Amico, Cirque du Soleil’s Vice President of Marketing