“Are You Prepared to Take on This Economy? How to Drive Short-Term Sales & Long-Term Equity in a Volatile Economy”

June 3 & 4, 2008

Event Speakers – Day 1

“The Mania. The Match. The Mentality. The Moves.”
Is it still important, even possible, to build long term brand equity in a volatile economy that demands ever greater short term profits and growth? And if it is still important, then how can one hope to do it while driving great sales results despite a consumer in control and technological innovations as yet unproven in their effectiveness?

Marsha Lindsay, CEO of Lindsay, Stone & Briggs will frame the issue before the conference, then moderate a panel that debates points of contention, taking questions from the audience.

Joel Rubinson, Chief Research Officer, Advertising Research Foundation
Bill Duggan, EVP, Association of National Advertisers
Carlos Grande, online editor, World Advertising Research Center
Scott Potter, Managing Partner & founder, San Francisco Equity Partners
Jeffrey Klinefelter, Managing Director and Senior Research Analyst, Consumer Team, Piper Jaffray

“How to Improve Your Strength, Speed and Agility for the Fight,”
CMO of Harley-Davidson, Mark-Hans Richer View Summary

“How to Deliver a Knock Out Punch at Retail,”
Procter & Gamble General Manager-Marketing, Global Operations, Dina Howell View Summary

“How to Toughen Your Competitive Advantage in Consumers’ Subconscious,”
Dr. Bob Deutsch, cognitive anthropologist View Summary

“The Engagement Imperative; What Works?”
Brian Haven, Senior Analyst of Forrester Research View Summary

“The Requirement of Shocking, Often ‘Jaw-Dropping’ Creative in Winning Today’s Fight,
Philips Consumer Lifestyle VP of Marketing, Arjen Linders View Summary

Event Speakers – Day 2

“What it Takes to Land the Most Profitable Punch in a Digital World,”
Christopher Vollmer, Vice President in Booz Allen Hamilton’s Global Consumer and Media Practice View Summary

“How to Engage Your Target Through the Power of an Online Network,”
Within3 co-founder and social psychologist Brian Smith View Summary
Founder and CEO Sway, Inc. Jason Weaver View Summary

“How to Save Money While Driving Top Line Growth,”
Rex Briggs, CEO of Marketing Evolution View Summary

“Case Study of a Concept Brand That Drives Results in the Real and Virtual World,”
American Girl President, Ellen Brothers View Summary

“How to Create High Impact Experiences at Every Touchpoint,”
Target VP/Creative Director, Eric Erickson View Summary

“What it Really Takes to Go the Distance,”
Stonyfield Farm, President and CE-Yo, Gary Hirshberg View Summary