“How to Immediately Jumpstart Customer Engagement, Sales and ROI Given Our Conversation Economy”

June 2 & 3, 2009

Event Speakers – Day 1

“Why and How the Conversation Economy Changes Everything,”
Marsha Lindsay, CEO of Lindsay, Stone & Briggs

“Insights and Aspirations of a Chief Conversation Officer,”
John Hayes, CMO of American Express View Summary

“How All Technology is Going ‘Conversational,’”
Accenture Chief Scientist, Kishore Swaminathan

“Profile of the conversationalists,”
Charlene Li, co-author of the best selling book “Groundswell” View Summary

“Five Success Strategies for Tapping into Conversations and Transforming Your Company’s Marketing,”
Charlene Li View Summary

“How to Jumpstart Conversations with Advertising (and Measure Your Success/ROI),”
Joel Rubinson, Chief Research Officer of the Advertising Research Foundation

“How to Jumpstart Conversations with PR (and Measure Your Success/ROI),”
Eric Schwartzman, President of iPressroom View Summary

“How to Jumpstart Conversations with E-Marketing (and Measure Your Success,”
Joel Book, Director E-Marketing Education of ExactTarget View Summary

Event Speakers – Day 2

“Five Things You Can Optimize to Jumpstart Better Results From Search,”
Brian R. Brown, Lead Consultant & Natural Search Marketing Strategist for Netconcepts

“How to Habituate Conversations with a Killer App.,”
Lisa Mann, Kraft’s VP Consumer Experience and leader of the iFood team

“How to Tap into and Leverage Conversations Your Employees and Customers are Already Having,”
Scott Cook, Founder of Intuit and author of HBR article, “The Contribution Revolution” View Summary

Question and Answer Panel, “’How To’ Insights From Pioneering Conversationalists”
Lynne Johnson, Director Social Media for FastCompany.com
Gordon Magee, Internet Marketing & Media Manager for Drs. Foster & Smith
John Engberg, Manager Global Media & Web Development for Kohler
Gary Koelling, Sr. Manager Social Technology for Best Buy

“How the Conversation Economy Changes Performance Expectations and Compensation of Agency Partners,”
David Doty, SVP Marketing & Thought Leadership, Interactive Advertising Bureau Tom Finneran, EVP Agency Management Services, 4A’s View Summary

“How to Inspire Customers to Jumpstart Conversations on Your Behalf,”
Stefan Olendar, Global Director Brand Connections for Nike View Summary

“Lessons from the Conversation That Changed the World,”
Betsy Myers, COO of the Obama Presidential Campaign View Summary