“The Gordion Knot of Integrated Marketing Plans”

May 23-25, 2011

Event Speakers – Day 1

“Needed! A Next Generation Approach to Integrated Marketing,”
Marsha Lindsay, CEO, Lindsay, Stone & Briggs

“The Truth About Today’s Consumers and the Touchpoints They Favor,”
Susan Whiting, Vice Chair and EVP, The Nielsen Company View Summary

“The Surprising Ways Consumers Now Use and ‘Live in’ the Media Today,”
Mike Bloxham, former Director Insight and Research at Ball State University’s Center for Media Design View Summary

“New Marketing Effectiveness Strategies for Competitive Advantage,”
E. Craig Stacey, Director of Research, NYU Stern School of Business View Summary

“How a Small Onion Launched Itself and Achieved World Domination,”
Steve Hannah, President and CEO of The Onion View Summary

Event Speakers – Day 2

“A 21st Century Strategic Framework to Integrate, Optimize, Organize Your Marketing to Make Your Brand Grow,”
Marsha Lindsay, CEO, Lindsay, Stone & Briggs

“What Marketers Need to Unlearn and Learn About What Really Makes Brands Grow,”
Byron Sharp, Professor of Marketing Science, Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science & author of “How Brands Grow” View Summary

“‘A Blueprint for Saner Planning and More Effective Integration,”
Steven Goldbach, partner, Monitor Group View Summary

“Integrating, Aligning and Optimizing the Seemingly Impossible,”
Susan Gambardella, SVP, Integrated Marketing Operations, Coca-Cola N.A. View Summary

“Twitter, Mobile Web, Tablets, Apps: What Will Last? What’s Converging? What’s Coming and Why Should You Care?,”
Jiri Marousek and Amy Rohn, LSB’s VPs of Interactive and PR/Social Media

“Facebook: What’s Next for the Network That’s Changing the World?,”
David Kirkpatrick, author of “The Facebook Effect” View Summary

Event Speakers – Day 3

“The Future of Media and Integration as Defined and Designed for the iPad,”
Sam Poor, Sales Director, News Corp.’s The Daily View Summary

“What Optimization Takes: The Lee Jeans Story,”
Liz Cahill, Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Lee Jeans View Summary

“Keys to ‘Operationalizing’ Integration in an Age of Great Complexity,”
Marsha Lindsay, CEO, Lindsay, Stone & Briggs

“The Agency/Client Relationship: How to Date, Marry and Make it Work,”
Brian Martin, founder and CEO of Source Martin

“How to Become a 21st Century Marketing Organization,”
Sandi Pocharski and Steven Goldbach, partners in Monitor Group

“How to Get People to Change in Ways That Last,”
Chip Heath, Professor of Organizational Behavior at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business

“The Transformational Potential of Integrated Marketing Done Right,”
John Kennedy, VP Corporate Marketing for IBM