Jim Stengel, former Global Marketing Officer, P&G where sales doubled under his tenure. He’ll share a 10 year study on how to engage consumers in a way that drives exceptional financial performance. Author of Grow, every attendee will receive a complimentary copy and can ask Jim to sign it. Virgin Group is among the most prolific creators of new brands with more than 300 worldwide. Learn from Richard Branson’s partner and CMO Ian Rowden their insights and advice on the daring marketing now required to drive growth in new ventures.

Mauro Porcini, head of global design at 3M. Hired for his European panache, he’s charged with infusing infectious design into thousands of products 3M innovates and launches each year. Paul Matsen, CMO, Cleveland Clinic. Learn what it took to relaunch a brand with a truly integrated initiative of advertising, social media, SEO, CRM and sophisticated analytics that determined the real drivers of growth.

Scott Bishop, until recently Director of Engagement Marketing, Bing and now in similar position at Amazon. How did Bing beat the odds and successfully launch and take share from Google? Learn engagement, search and optimization how-to. Roger Martin, Dean of the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto. From this expert, get a short-course on Design Thinking, increasingly used by the world’s leading businesses to address marketing problems and opportunities.

John Jacobs, EVP and CMO, NASDAQ. Learn what investors now see as performance standards that define success; what they’ll want to see in a strategy and plan when weighing
your odds.
Patricia Meier, CEO of HSM Global (producers of the World Business Forum and World Innovation Forum). She’ll address why marketers must be in a state of constant experimentation, especially in e-commerce marketing; why today, a launch never ends!

Larry Keeley is co-founder and president of Doblin Inc., a member of Monitor Group. Learn how to grow in sustainable ways by using 10 different types of innovation. Peter Farrell, QVC, Dir. of Brand Development & Strategy. Why is QVC such a wildly successful platform for launches? Learn their persuasion methods; how to qualify for their programming.

Michael Martin, Vice President of Sales, Vibram FiveFingers. Learn what it took to launch and market a totally new to the world product, brand and category from the company that started the barefoot running craze. Jim Longuski, Rocket Scientist, Professor of Aeronautics & Astronautics Engineering, Purdue University. Learn to think like a Rocket Scientist with the checklist used to escape the forces of gravity and successfully launch a payload.

From John Wiley & Sons editor Adrianna Johnson and Publisher Matthew Holt, you’ll learn how books can launch and revitalize both consumer and B2B brands; insights that extend to launches of all types. Marina Anglim, Senior Vice President, Discovery Channel. Learn how they successfully relaunched and habituated engagement with a broad selection of new and engaging content platforms and merchandise.

Marsha Lindsay, the CEO of Lindsay, Stone & Briggs (the agency that specializes in the integrated marketing launch of new products and relaunch of underperforming brands) will share credos critical for launch success. As a partner in Monitor Group, Jeff Wordham has helped numerous clients launch products and enter new markets successfully, including in life sciences, consumer goods, automotive, and telecommunications. He’ll discuss critical success factors–actions taken before, during,and after the launch–to help introduce new products and enter new markets successfully.

On Your Feet, the consultancy that uses improvisation and experiential techniques to help organizations create, relate and communicate, all while having a ridiculously good time.